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Whether you are an executive or investor, the wRatings platform and data help you make better decisions to achieve your financial goals.

CEOs & Executives

We work closely with CEOs, COOs and their executive teams to improve and accelerate decisions on how to grow their sales. Our platform has been fine-tuned specifically to help executives process large amounts of data in rapid time for decision-making. If you are a profit & loss owner or are part of a P&L team, the wRatings platform is the most important tool in your arsenal.

In the early stages of building out the wRatings system, our work centered on helping a small group of executive teams at our pilot 12 companies including Allied Waste, Aramark, Cingular Wireless, Coors, Cymer, General Motors, Sabre Systems, Sikorsky Aircraft and Tony Robbins.

We quickly learned the value of connecting our competitive research with company financials and other metric data to predict where pricing power and customer buying preferences exist. 

Today, executives see all their critical data in a single pane of view that allows them to easily build a fact-based roadmap for sales growth.

Investment Community

The investment community looks to the wRatings system to gain visibility into the current and future likelihood to grow revenue using our competitive strength database. 

Data from the wRatings system provides investors with a transparent view of how well a company is meeting customer expectations. Using data from the our competitive benchmarks against their potential investment, investors possess a single source of truth to help base purchasing decisions.

At public or soon to be public corporations, investor relations (IR) teams utilize our scoring system to demonstrate how strong their companies are against key rivals. 

Because our scores are independently calculated, companies such as Aflac, GEICO, Kellogg and Scripps Network have included the wRatings scores in their annual reports and other financial releases. Our database is under license to various hedge funds and other investment managers for inclusion in their portfolios.

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