Moneyball for Sales Growth

Just as Michael Lewis’ Moneyball revolutionized baseball, wRatings is reshaping the corporate playing field for how to grow sales. Executives leveraging our platform are not just outsmarting their rivals – they’re driving costs down, too. All because they use the new metrics for how to win customers. Don’t get left behind.

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Our Business Framework

We are a Software as as Service (SaaS) firm that uses our patented methods to interview customers about their expectations, pricing sensitivity, and the performance levels of any company versus its key rivals. We make sales growth visible so executives can set the new rules of competition in their markets.

To drive financial improvement for our clients, we make a series of fixed investments in tools, benchmark databases and predictive analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms and patented methods, we’ve built the world’s largest database that measures the competitive strength of companies.

In May 2002, our research was highlighted as the cover article in Harvard Business Review. We are a partner to the Drucker Institute to score the best managed companies, which is published in the Wall Street Journal every December. 

CEOs, Executives, Private Equity Firms, and Hedge Funds gain real-time access to our research & analytics through our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Our platform generates a digital twin of customers to show forward-looking views of where companies are currently creating and, more importantly, where they could be creating compelling value for their customers.

How We Drive Sales Growth
through Customer Expectations

Utilizing expectations and emotional data we collect from customers about your company and key rivals, we quantify the economic impact of major decisions you face on how to drive sales. Through our innovative charts and analytics, we clearly identify what you are doing with customers that contributes  the most to your sales growth. We then show you which customer areas to focus investments that will best drive pricing power and future growth in your market.

Through our automated analytics and proprietary algorithms, we substantially compress the time you need to generate data with predictive power from months and weeks down to days and even hours.

Our competitive benchmark data is the closest you can get to being in the board room of key rivals and other popular companies to hear their customer strategies first-hand, so you can out-smart and out-execute them.

Patented, Proven Platform

How do you know if a set of data and metrics can actually improve your company’s performance? At wRatings, we not only know our data works, we can prove that it does through independent verification.

Since 2008, the hedge fund community has continually licensed the use of our competitive benchmark data to make investment decisions. Our data is currently baked into 10+ stock ETFs/Mutual Funds traded publicly. In 2015, one high net worth investor started a portfolio based on the top 25 ranked companies in our competitive strength database. The portfolio has continually out-performed all traditional benchmarks including the S&P 500 (Total Return) and Russell 2500 (Total Return).

The business management community has also vetted our research approach. Our patented research was the May 2002 cover article in Harvard Business Review. Since 2017, our competitive strength data is used to help rank the Best Managed Companies by the Drucker Institute. The Wall Street Journal publishes the annual rankings near the end of each calendar year.

Finally, we’ve conducted 600+ research programs globally and possess a 97% annual renewal rate with CEOs and executives. Even after a CEO leaves/retires, we consistently retain that subscription and typically gain a new one where the CEO has moved.

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