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Patented, Proven Platform

At wRatings, we not only know our data works, we have independent proof from the financial community, the business community, and our clients since 1999.

For the past 9+ years, a portfolio based on the top 25 ranked companies in our competitive strength database has out-performed all traditional benchmarks including the S&P 500 (Total Return) and Russell 2500 (Total Return).

The business management community has also vetted our data. Our patented research was spotlighted as the May 2002 cover article in Harvard Business Review. Since 2017, our data is a key customer source for ranking the Best Managed Companies by the Wall Street Journal and the Drucker Institute. The rankings are published at the end of each calendar year.

Finally, we’ve conducted 600+ research programs in 40+ countries for some of the most well-known companies, brands, and executives.

Customer Expectations, Pricing Power and Sales Growth

Moneyball was always about having superior data to make decisions. Similar to how pitch-by-pitch data unlocked how to win more baseball games, we’ve amassed a wealth of proprietary data on customer functional needs, emotional needs, pricing sensitivity, and company performance over the two decades.

Running that data through the tools on our platform allows us to quantify the economic impact of how companies win more customers and grow their sales. Our data proves this: Closing customer expectation gaps drives both sales growth and pricing power.

Combing public financial reports and our customer data from the W-30 index of companies, r-squared calculations show that 78% of the variation of sales and 77% of pricing power can be explained by better meeting customer expectations.

The pathway to sales growth is for companies to set and meet customer expectations better than they have in the past, and better than their rivals.

Our Business Framework

We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) firm that uses patented methods to interview customers about their expectations, pricing perceptions, and performance levels of any company versus its rivals. Similar to how team owners used Moneyball to win more games, executives use our metrics to win more customers and grow sales.

To drive growth for our clients, we make a series of fixed investments in tools, benchmark databases and predictive analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms and patented methods, we’ve built the world’s largest database that measures the competitive strength of companies.

In May 2002, our research was highlighted as the cover article in Harvard Business Review. We are a partner to the Drucker Institute to score the best managed companies, which is published in the Wall Street Journal every December. 

Executives, PE Firms, and Hedge Funds gain real-time access to our research & analytics through our platform. Through our single-pane decision view, they are able to make superior decisions about where to invest time, resources, and capital for sales growth.

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Just as Michael Lewis’ Moneyball revolutionized baseball, wRatings is reshaping the corporate playing field for how to grow sales. Don’t get left behind.