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Moneyball for Sales Growth:
A Global Movement Underway

Similar to sports team owners, business executives must build a decision-making framework that provides a roadmap for how to win. In the early 2000s, Sabermetrics unlocked a new way of thinking for baseball owners: The pathway to winning wasn’t through buying players, but through buying runs.

There is an epidemic failure in business today to understand what drives the equivalent of winning: sales growth. This blind spot leads executives to misinterpret customer behavior, misallocate resources, and misjudge investments.

Many businesses fixate on customer satisfaction. But look around: Satisfied customers didn’t save Blockbuster, Borders, Compaq, Ringling Brothers, or Sears from collapse. The goal isn’t to just satisfy customers – the goal is to set, then meet, their expectations. And the ones who do this best are rule-makers, not rule-takers, in their industry.

How do we know this works? Since 1999, we’ve deployed our patented methods to measure the gap between customer expectations and performance across hundreds of companies. The results speak for themselves: the top performers in our coverage consistently outperform the S&P 500 and Russell 2500 since our fund’s inception in 2015.

You, too, can use the wRatings platform to out-smart and out-execute your competition. We will show you how and where to look for sales growth. Don’t get left behind. Become a wRatings Insider.

Your #1 Competitor is Customer Expectations

Since 1999, wRatings has been collecting a highly unique set of customer data using our patented methods. We measure how high up “up” really is for customers of each company across a common set of concepts of functional needs, emotional needs, and pricing elasticity.

The wRatings platform builds a digital twin of what customers expect, how well a company and its competitors meet those expectations, and how much more a company can raise prices on each customer need, if any.

Insiders in the wRatings Community gain unique views into customer decision-making processes, especially how price plays a role in their buying behavior. Each Competitive Needs Profile reveals where a company has differentiated themselves with customers, if at all, and includes a readout of their strengths and weaknesses.

One of the most compelling data sets the platform shows are which sources of customer value drive the most sales and margin growth, and where customers rank these sources in terms of importance and emotional intensity.

Armed with this powerful data, you can determine whether a company is on track to growing their sales and investing in the right areas.

Our Data tells a Company's Story

The wRatings platform provides compelling analytics to help you not only see where a company is today, but the competitive space that it could occupy in the future. Insiders in the wRatings Community use these analytics to craft stories about a company from a customer’s perspective that focus on where customer equity is today, or where it could be if built over time. 

Based on a 2,628 company study we conducted from 2001 to 2005, we discovered the key sources of customer value that most correlate with sales growth. Each source maps to internal departments of an organization, providing you with unprecedented analysis of where a company should be investing and focusing its resources.

Insiders use these insights to evaluate critical areas of the customer experience (CX) and customer journey, allowing them to pinpoint where a company may be vulnerable to competitors. 

The wRatings platform generates a company’s Winner Roadmap, spotlighting not just its core strengths today, but where a company could create fresh demand by making new rules that others must follow. Insiders use the roadmaps to provide a
data-driven approach to building a company’s “Blue Ocean” strategy.

Making the Invisible Visible

Just like castles of the past, Warren Buffett invests in companies that have economic moats to protect their future growth and earnings. They are easily visible by looking at key financial metrics. But what is the precursor to an economic moat? A customer moat, and those cannot be seen in any financial analysis.

Based on studies by several hedge funds on our data, the wRatings platform offers a simple, intuitive way to identify companies with a customer moat.  Turns out that building these moats in the right sequence is crucial for accelerating sales growth, and is the crucial linchpin to why some companies become market leaders while others are regulated to follower status.

Emotions are pivotal in buying decisions, and the wRatings platform provides a clear view of how these emotional connections create customer moats. These bonds make companies resilient to temporary setbacks, helping them retain customers even when logic suggests otherwise.

Our rankings go beyond traditional satisfaction metrics and Net Promoter Scores® (NPS), revealing which companies are best positioned to win more customers and drive sales growth. Explore in-depth company analyses in The W Reports® library, curated by our research advisors.

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