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Press Room from 2006

NOTE: In 2006, data from the wRatings System was published by Adjoined Consulting, Inc. and Kanbay International (NASD: KBAY). Gary A. Williams, CEO & Founder of wRatings, was the Managing Officer of Research Services at Adjoined until the firm was acquired by Kanbay in March 2006. Gary became the President & Founder of the Kanbay Research Institute, an unincorporated operating unit of Kanbay.

Kanbay Report: Consumers Rank GEICO as the Top Performer; GEICO Captures Top Spot for Customer Service, Associate Training
When the Kanbay Research Institute in 2006 asked consumers which insurer best met their needs, GEICO was the clear choice as the country's top performer.

Specialization Said to Pay Off
A Washington-based research firm has released a survey of consumers' top 10 firms in the financial services industry in terms of excellence in their area of expertise.

Consumers Willing to Pay More for Top Finance Services
Consumers do not consider financial services as commodities and are willing to pay 5.2% more for top-performing financial services compared to other industries, according to a recent study by Kanbay Research Institute.

Superbrands, Advocacy, Obsession- The 5 Elements of Customer Engagement That Take Customer Relationships Beyond Loyalty
"If you can get customers to aspire to your products, or if they aspire to something better by using them, you can move away from brand indifference and toward engagement," says Gary A. Williams, managing officer for Adjoined Research.

Sport Chalet 'Most Desirable' Retailer in U.S.
In the most competitive retail industry ever, Sport Chalet, the La Canada Flintridge-based sporting goods company founded by Norbert Olberz, was this week ranked the No. 1 most desirable retailer in the nation.

Survey Rates Sport Chalet No. 1
Sport Chalet Inc. was ranked No. 1 by the independent research firm Kanbay Research Institute. In its 2006 Retail Demand Today report, the La Canada Flintridge- based sporting goods chain edged out such mega competitors as Hasbro, Inc., Kohl's, the Men's Warehouse Inc. and Netflix Inc. for the top honor.

Multi-Channel Innovation Key to Retail Growth, New Report Says
The retailers best positioned for growth—including Pet Smart, Target and Office Depot—are those that present shopping experiences based on innovative use of web-enabled multi-channel environments rather than simply building more stores, Kanbay Research Institute says in a report released today, “Retail Demand Today: How Well Retailers Deliver on America’s Shopping Desires.”

Customers Rate No-Frills Airlines Tops for Service
People are choosing airplane tickets based on more than price, according to a survey by Kanbay Research Institute of Herndon, Va.

Which Arilines, and which airports, will satisfy you most?
A survey by Kanbay Research Institute of Herndon, Va., says that rock-bottom prices are far from the sole factor when people shop for flights.

The Travel World's Formula for Success
Simply put, offer people a fair price and provide them with the right balance of unique amenities and they'll book a path to your door. That's the conclusion of a new report by The Kanbay Research Institute.

Shift in Travel Buying
After years in which travel purchasing was largely driven by cut-throat online discounting, there's been a shift away from pure bargain-basement decision-making, says Kanbay Research Institute in a new report on travel demand.

Study Finds Simply Porting Content to New Devices Not Adequate
Kanbay International Inc. on Wednesday announced the launch of the Kanbay Research Institute with the purpose of delivering industry-specific, consumer demand research.

Kanbay Researching Consumer Demand
Traditional media companies across the United States must adapt and integrate their content with new distribution channels or risk becoming replaced by new competitors, according to Kanbay Research Institute (KRI).

Rapaport Diamond Report
Adjoined Research breaks consumers into four types of shoppers: Thrifties, Allures, Speedsters and Elites. Each shopper type has preferences about where to shop that are not aligned with the traditional types of stores.

Aiming Ad Dollars: Which Medium Works Best?
Good word of mouth is the best traffic driver for retailers and shopping centers, according to a survey of 1,019 consumers, but magazine advertising brings the biggest spenders.

An Adjoined Research report, Retail Demand and Insights, is referenced in an article by Inside 1to1 on loyal retail shoppers
According to Retail Demand and Insights from Adjoined Research, which interviewed 60,000 shoppers during the second half of 2005, 68 percent of all shoppers now move interchangeably between physical stores, online stores, and catalogs.

Top 4 Retail Marketing Trends for 2006: Surprise Weekly Newspapers are In Again
For the past five years, brick-and-mortar retailers have been (slowly) shifting marketing dollars away from TV toward online; that shift is still happening, but today online is not the only medium benefiting from it. Event marketing, word of mouth and traditional print advertising may also soon be seeing a lift, says George Anderson, Editor-in-Chief RetailWire.

Loyalty Abuzz at National Retail Federation Trade Show
The research came from the Adjoined Consulting and SAP study, Retail Demand Insights 2006: What Drives Consumers? It shows very clearly that consumers connect trust to loyalty. And loyalty, whether or not you're a retailer, loyalty is an important element in building long-term customer value. At last week's National Retail Federation event in New York City, emphasis on customer trust was validated with research.

Consumers like loyalty schemes but want privacy
As consumers become more sensitive about their personal information, retailers must find a balance between offering loyalty programmes and collecting customer data, according to a survey report from the NRF Foundation, co-developed with Adjoined Consulting and sponsored by SAP.

Making Multi-Channel Shoppers Happy
Adjoined Consulting, along with the National Retail Federation, just published a new report, Retail Demand Insights 2006. Adjoined surveyed more than 10,000 individuals during the last three years, attempting to understand how consumers make choices about which retail channels to use, what emotions trigger responses, and what options appeal most to various types of consumers.

Retailers Struggle to Reach and Keep Customers
Just 3.5% of shoppers think retailers' online advertising is effective, according to new research from the USA's National Retail Federation (NRF). The study also reveals that customer loyalty is dwindling, and that, while shoppers want loyalty programs, they are not prepared to divulge personal information in return.

Shoppers Want Loyalty Programs, but Not at the Cost of Privacy
Retailers will need to strike a balance between offering loyalty programs and collecting customer information, according to the inaugural Retail Demand Insights 2006: What Drives Consumers?, a new annual NRF Foundation report, co-developed with Adjoined Consulting and sponsored by SAP.

Rich Tehrani VoIP Blog: Triple Play to Quadruple Play; 92% of us Want a Single Bill
If indeed 92% of consumers favor a single provider for their communications needs then the cable companies are in a great position. That is the number being thrown around by Adjoined Research in their new report titled: Communication Demand 2005: How Americans Spend Their Communications Dollars.

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