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Press Room from 2003

NOTE: In 2003, data using an early version of the wRatings System was published by Miller-Williams Inc. Gary A. Williams, CEO & Founder of wRatings, was the CEO & co-founder of Miller-Williams Inc. until January 2004 when the new company was formed.

With Discount Carriers Soaring, Mainline Airlines try to join in

Selling Your Ideas to Senior Management
The survey, which was included in the Adjoined report "Communication Demand 2005: How Americans Spend Their Communications Dollars," ranked Cingular as the top-performing company among the five nationwide wireless operators. Verizon Wireless was ranked second, followed by Nextel, T-Mobile USA Inc. and Sprint PCS.

Airlines Are Forced To Clarify That Your 'Free' Ticket Isn't
Market research firm Miller- Williams Inc. released a study last month suggesting that even for discounters, the old cost/ service ratio still applies. "What consumers are looking for is, 'Make me feel unique, make me feel smart for choosing this carrier,' " said Amy Ferraro, Miller- Williams' director of research.

Two- Thirds of Consumer's Drug Purchasing Decision Based on Factors Other than Product and Price

How to Keep Your Customers Satisfied
If the gap in between coach and business-class fares wasn't so huge, they might be more willing to go back to buying more business-class tickets. A recent survey of 703 active airline customers by Miller-Williams Inc. essentially confirmed that.

How to Keep Your Customers Satisfied
Patent expiration, the rising popularity of generic drugs and weak new product pipelines have led to intense competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Some Companies Can Levy Premium Prices and Others Not

'Value Pricing' Key to Boosting Profits
Just because your customers are loyal, it doesn't mean that they are satisfied. A recent study by research firm Miller-Williams of 33 companies in six industries found that loyalty does not correlate perfectly with customer satisfaction.

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“This research provides an excellent way to look at competitive strength from both a customer and investment view point. The insights from wRatings clearly show whether resources being allocated are improving or destroying customer value.”
Michael A. Jackson, Former VP Corporate Development
Adolph Coors Company
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