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We are the industry standard for measuring the competitive strength of companies. To our knowledge, no other system exists that continually assesses how well companies meet customer expectations and then blends those ratings with financial strength.

The wRatings System began as a strategic positioning tool used by CEOs and Senior Executives at several market leading companies such as ARAMARK, Coors Brewing, Equifax, General Motors, Sabre Systems and Sikorsky Aircraft. Today, an even more powerful tool is available to you as a Premium Subscription.

Since 1999, data using the wRatings System has appeared in 800+ publications around the world including the Australian Financial Review, BusinessWeek, Chief Executive, ComputerWorld, CIO, CNBC, Inc Magazine, Investors Business Daily, London Financial Times, New Zealand Business Review, Selling Power, and the Wall Street Journal.

Although we are unable to provide you access to all the sources, we have selected the top articles and media to provide you with a cross-section to view. For access to those articles, click on any year to the right.

Data from one of our seminal studies appeared as the May 2002 cover article in Harvard Business Review. The article was co-authored by Gary A. Williams, CEO & Founder of wRatings, and details findings from his study on executive decision-making. Reprints and downloads of the article, "Change The Way You Persuade," are available on the Harvard Business School website.

In April 2004, Warner Business Books published Gary's first book, "The 5 Paths to Persuasion," which provided in-depth details into the five styles of decision-making. The book has been translated into seven languages around the world. You can order the book at any major book seller, including Amazon.com.

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“This research provides an excellent way to look at competitive strength from both a customer and investment view point. The insights from wRatings clearly show whether resources being allocated are improving or destroying customer value.”
Michael A. Jackson, Former VP Corporate Development
Adolph Coors Company
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