Our Partner Program

Through our partnerships, we help create innovative economic opportunities for consulting firms, hedge funds/investment advisors, and news outlets. Our Partner Program offers licenses to our proprietary data/rankings and our SaaS platform to help generate sales, alpha investments, and more subscribers.

Consulting firms utilize our platform to market, sell and deliver unique results to their clients. Hedge funds and registered investment advisors build unique portfolios that drive superior returns for their investors. News outlets use our rankings to generate unique content and increase subscribers.

wRatings + Beck Ag

Since 1997, Beck Ag has improved the business results of agricultural companies through execution excellence.

Clients in all segments of agriculture trust Beck Ag with business-critical initiatives, where execution matters most.

wRatings + Concinnity Advisors

Concinnity Advisors, LP is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) founded on the belief that companies maximize their capacity to create wealth by tending to the interdependent needs of multiple stakeholders (i.e., employees, suppliers, customers, and communities). Since 2008, the firm has licensed the wRatings data for its portfolio investments.

wRatings + Conscious Venture Lab

The Conscious Venture Lab® (CVL) is an investment firm that has made 26 investments throughout its history, many of which are diversity-based.

They run a 12-week accelerator program for early-stage, purpose-driven companies using innovation to break down barriers to access and create a more equitable society.

wRatings + Concentus Wealth Advisors

Since January 1st, 2015, Concentus has maintained a wRatings portfolio based on the top 25 ranked companies from our customer value index of coverage. 

The portfolio contains privately invested funds from the Concentus network of clients. Every year, the portfolio has out-performed its S&P 500 and Russell 2500 benchmarks.

wRatings + Drucker Institute

The Drucker Institute preserves, promotes and enlarges the legacy of Peter Drucker, a leading management think-leader and educator. 

The firm offers workshops, awards, and services to students, executives and organizations that follow Drucker’s philosophy and innovation.

wRatings + RIS® News

RIS is the leading source for business intelligence and tech insight for retail executives adapting to disruptive and transformational market forces.
For six consecutive years, RIS has collaborated with wRatings to rank the industry’s top performing retailers.

wRatings + WSJ Top 250 Management

The Management Top 250 ranking, developed by the Drucker Institute, measures corporate effectiveness by examining performance in five areas: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength. Several key sets of wRatings data are baked into rankings of the companies.

Stock Indices

Since 2008, numerous hedge funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have created and maintained families of stock indices using the wRatings proprietary data. Investment firms license some or all of the competitive benchmark database created by wRatings. The fact that firms bake our data into their stock indices serves as proof of the effectiveness of the wRatings algorithms and approach. Here a few of the indices that incorporate wRatings data.

  • Barron’s Future Focus Index
  • Conscious Companies Index
  • Conscious Founders Index
  • Customer Value Index (see below)
  • Gender Diversity Index
  • Good Company Index
  • Multi-Stakeholder Index
  • MsOS Leaders Index
  • S&P/Drucker Institute Corporate Effectiveness Index 
  • S&P/Drucker Institute Corporate Effectiveness Portfolio UIT

On January 1st, 2015, one high net worth investor started a portfolio based on the top 25 ranked companies in our competitive strength database. The Customer Value Index (CVI) portfolio has continually out-performed traditional benchmarks including the S&P 500 (Total Return) and Russell 2500 (Total Return).


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