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What Others Say About Us

The following quotes are a sample of what clients and the media say about wRatings and our methods. For additional samples of work, join today as a Consumer Member.

“Everyday companies large and small are trying to figure out how well customers will respond to what they’re planning to deliver. With wRatings, the guesswork is gone. You can immediately see which companies are best positioned to out-maneuver their rivals and build market share.”
Robert D. McCormack
Partner, Pasadena Angels, a group of leading private investors based in southern California

“Most companies spend a lot time and money on building an offering with a very limited understanding of the customer’s true need. Over the five years of using Gary’s research, we began to think and speak like our customers. Our organization demonstrated a level of understanding that changed the competitive playing field. In short, our competitors were forced to compete on our terms.”
Jack Donovan
Private Investor & former President, ARAMARK Campus Services

“Recognition of Food Network’s and HGTV’s the competitive advantages by their inclusion on the wRatings’ list is another indication we are keeping up with the changing media landscape to consistently deliver on the brand promise and meet consumer expectations.”
John Lansing
President of Scripps Networks

“It’s like seeing tomorrow’s newspaper today.”
Tom Levenick
President, Powerplay Corporation
Former VP Sales, Labatt U.S.A.

“It is an honor to be recognized as one of America’s most competitive companies. This award is particularly noteworthy because it is based on both our financial strength and consumer confidence in our brand.”
Dan Amos
Chairman and CEO of Aflac

“Aflac shares have been climbing today after independent competitive research firm wRatings named AFL to the list of most competitive companies in U.S.”

“IF THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, a recent ranking of the 40 most competitive companies among consumers may point to some headed for greater economic profit and, possibly, a higher stock price.”
Robin Goldwyn Blumenthal
Editor, Barron’s

“When financier J.P. Morgan was asked what the stock market will do, he replied, “It will fluctuate.” When Gary Williams of wRatings, an investment analysis firm in Washington, D.C., is asked the same question he names names.”
Joe Skorupa
Editor, Retail Information Systems

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How Investors Use wRatings
“Every time we would see our [W] ratings rise a point at ARAMARK, we’d subsequently see our revenue and market share increase as well.”
John J. Zillmer, Former EVP
ARAMARK Corporation
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