Why wRatings

The wRatings system generates independent research on any company or organization and its competitors. Every organization’s #1 competitor is not actually another company, but is their customer’s expectations.

That’s why our system is organized around how customers make buying decisions, and how much more they would be willing to pay if a company could meet their expectations. Here’s why executives choose wRatings as the revenue growth system for their organizations.

Using our single pane view, we provide unprecedented visibility into the emotional and functional aspects of buying decisions so you can think like customers.
You can pull the key levers of growth with precision to prioritize which efforts will contribute the most to future revenue. Better yet, you can simultaneously reduce or stop efforts to save costs while still growing your revenue.
Our system automates weeks and months of implementing research design & analytics so that you can start making growth decisions in days. Predictive analytics are available in real-time as soon as customer data arrives.
Just like castles of the past had moats, you need to build a moat around your customers to protect competitors from taking them away. Using two studies of 5- and 10-years each, our moat framework shows you where to create new sources of value to build durable competitive advantages.
Leaders are measured by their followership, and followers look for executives that are stable and authentic. With real-time access to fact-based analytics, executives make decisions with confidence that inspires followers to take action and win.