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Welcome to the 21st century of investment research!

Channel checks, custom surveys and traditional market research are expensive, unnecessary and outdated. A more predictive, accurate and timely way exists today using the wRatings System.

The wRatings System provides investment professionals around the world with unique, proprietary data to create or validate their investment ideas. Our proven performance of stock ratings clearly demonstrates the power of our system.

As a buy-side analyst or portfolio manager, you often have dozens of equity investment ideas that need validating. These are time-sensitive opportunities where you cannot wait for the outcome of primary research on a sector, industry or company. For most investors, survey data from customers is highly useful but just not feasible. Becoming a wRatings Insitution Member overcomes all of the typical issues found with traditional, outdated survey techniques.

Your Instituion Membership includes:

  • Comprehensive historical data on all companies back to 1999 for quantitative modeling, available online and via Microsoft Excel
  • Weekly tear sheets that identify ratings movements across the full wRatings coverage
  • Online access to all competitive views (W Ratings, Detailed Rankings, Strength Projections, Pricing Power, Functional/Emotional Performance) by company, industry and sector for use in both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Complete Analyst report library covering 250+ companies
  • PDF Downloads of every company's W Report, updated on a 13-week rotating basis throughout each fiscal quarter
To request a free trial to the wRatings system, contact us at members@wratings.com.

Did you know?
  • The wRatings Corporation is an independent research firm and does not provide investment banking, market-making or consulting services
  • We started in 1999 originally as a strategic research firm exclusively for CEOs, COOs and General Managers of divisions, so the same data that Institution Members see today is identical to what CEOs use to make their own budgeting decisions
  • Our research has been covered in 800+ publications, including the May 2002 cover article in Harvard Business Review as well as Barrons, Investor's Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal
  • We have a patented system that ensures consistency in our ratings as well as your access to the most unique & proprietary data for investors today

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“Everyday companies large and small are trying to figure out how well customers will respond to what they’re planning to deliver. With wRatings, the guesswork is gone. You can immediately see which companies are best positioned to out-maneuver their rivals and build market share.”
Robert D. McCormack, Partner
A southern California-based private equity fund