Investor Relations, Hedge Funds & PE Firms

“IF THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, a recent ranking of the 40 most competitive companies among consumers may point to some headed for greater economic profit and, possibly, a higher stock price.”
Robin Goldwyn Blumenthal, Barron’s Editor
“Everyday companies large and small are trying to figure out how well customers will respond to what they’re planning to deliver. With wRatings, the guesswork is gone. You can immediately see which companies are best positioned to out-maneuver their rivals and build market share.”
Robert D. McCormack, Partner, Pasadena Angels

The investment community looks to the wRatings system to gain visibility into the current and future likelihood to grow revenue using our competitive strength database.

Data from the wRatings system provides investors with a transparent view of how well a company is meeting customer expectations. Using data from the W-30 to benchmark against their potential investment, investors possess a single source of truth to help base purchasing decisions

At public or soon to be public corporations, investor relations (IR) teams utilize our scoring system to demonstrate how strong their companies are against key rivals. Because our scores are independently calculated, companies such as Aflac, GEICO, Kellogg and Scripps Network have included the wRatings scores in their annual reports and other financial releases.

Our database is under license to various hedge funds and other investment managers for inclusion in their portfolios. The Drucker Institute, in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, embed multiple scores from our database in their S&P/Drucker Institute Corporate Effectiveness Index.

Occasionally, we create custom indexes using subsets of our competitive strength data. In the 2000s, we created the Innovation Index for Gary Hamel’s Strategos. In 2015, we created the Customer Value Index (CVI) for use in our own fund managed by a private wealth firm based in Philadelphia, PA.

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